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Buckwheat Powder

Instant buckwheat powder is a highly versatile and nutrient-packed ingredient that has gained significant popularity in the health food industry.

Buckwheat contains 19 amino acids & a source of 9-essential amino acids. Because of its “well-balanced” amino acid profile, this high quality protein helps repair and maintain tissues in the body such as muscle building, brain-health, diabetes prevention, and blood circulation.

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Instant Buckwheat Powder

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Instant Buckwheat Powder

Low sugar & Gluten-free

Key Features

Why Buckwheat?

Buckwheat belongs to the so-called pseudocereals; they contain proteins with a better amino acid score than cereals and a significant proportion of resistant starch and thus have a lower glycemic index.

Pseudocereals are gluten-free and represent potential raw materials for the production of gluten-free bread and bakery products.

Buckwheat is a source of  numerous vitamins, phenolic compounds (rutin, quercetin), flavonoids, highly nutritive protein,  dietary fibre, and minerals.

The primary antioxidants in buckwheat are quercetin and rutin which are considered to be a remedy for deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


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