Fibalance™ is a novel brand of partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) developed by Zymebase Inc. via advanced green biotechnology.

It is rich in 85% soluble dietary fiber derived from guar gum with trusted quality assurance including Non-GMO, No glyphosate residues, and 100% gluten free certification.

Gut health Supplements for IBS & FGID

Physical and Chemical Properties of Fibalance™

Physical appearance

Transparent, colorless, and odorless Good water solubility

High stability

Non-hygroscopic and difficult to agglomerate
Heat-resistant: stable at -18° C to 120 ° C without degradation
Resistant to acids and alkalis (pH3-pH8)

Low viscosity

The viscosity of 5% (w/v) Fibalance™ aqueous solution < 10 cps, which is 1000 times lower than 5% (w/v) guar gum solution.

Physiological Functions of PHGG

gut health supplements - sunfiber

Superior gut health and comfort[1-2]

Stimulate abundant short chain fatty acids (SCFA) production

Keep the intestines weak and acidic

Aid regular bowel movements

Effectively improve bloating, diarrhea and flatulence [2-3]

Effectively improve bloating, diarrhea and flatulence [2-3]

Alleviate the symptoms associated with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and FGID (Functional gastrointestinal disorders).

Boost immunity , gut health

Boost immunity [1-2]

Inhibit inflammation

Maintain gut immunity

Regulate metabolism, sunfiber , gut health

Regulate metabolism

Lower cholesterol

Enhance glucose tolerance and mitigate insulin resistance

Reduce perception of hunger

** The claims above are extracted from peer-reviewed journals and do not represent the product’s efficacy


Molecular weight
and purity

Fibalance™ has approx. 20,000Da average molecular weight

More concentrated molecular weight distribution

The comparison of AMW from 5 dietary fibers [7]


Fibalance™ PHGG Serves As Both Prebiotic and Dietary Fiber Supplement!

Smoothie for gut health

Yoghurt & Beverages

Nutritional meal replacement

Nutritional Meal Replacement Powder & Shake

gut health snacks

Functional Snacks

Nutritional Supplements


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