Administrative Assistant

Job Responsibilities:

·  The Administrative assistant should assist the company leaders in the daily administrative management of the company, and do a good job in the coordination between various departments.

·  Responsible for the company’s daily logistics, including the procurement statistics, distribution of office equipment and office supplies, and the management of office facilities.

·  Do a good job in material collection, file management, document drafting, document sending and receiving, etc.

·  Liaise with relevant external departments, prepare and complete various reports; internally receive visitors, answer calls, register visitors and transmit information.

·  Docking with the park to sign lease agreements and other matters, so as to follow up in a timely and effective manner and feedback the situation to the leaders in a timely manner.

·  Handle various administrative affairs and procedures, such as the registration, change, annual inspection and other procedures of relevant licenses.

·  Responsible for the company’s rent, water, electricity, property management and other affairs, and liaise with the property to urge them to better serve the company
Complete other matters assigned by the leaders.


.College degree or above in human resources, administrative management and other related majors.

·  Have more than 1 year working experience in administrative human resources.

·  Proficient in using office software.

·  Conscientious and meticulous, with strong execution and sense of responsibility.

·  Quick thinking, good at communicating with people.

·  Good image and temperament.

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