Finance Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Finance Manager will asist the chief financial officer to formulate the company’s accounting and financial system; improve the company’s financial management;

2. Review of financial matters, responsible for the application of high-tech, government projects, and government subsidies;

3. Responsible for strengthening fund management, regularly conducting fund forecasting and analysis to ensure a comprehensive balance of funds;

4. Responsible for early warning of accounts receivable and payable (monthly report of aging analysis of accounts receivable and payable, early warning analysis of dangerous accounts)

5. Responsible for liaison with banks, taxation, industry and commerce, and foreign exchange;

6. Preparation of accounting statements, financial analysis, and budget preparation;

7. Management of subordinate employees.


1. College degree or above, major in finance; proficient in using office software;

2. Mid-level accounting title, 3-5 years of relevant financial work experience;

3. Professional skills: proficiency in enterprise accounting standards, various financial and taxation laws and regulations, and related financial transaction processing methods; proficiency in the use of financial software.

4. Be upright, rigorous in work style, conscientious and meticulous in work, have a sense of responsibility, love financial work, have a high sense of responsibility and professionalism.

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