Quality Assurance Specialist

Job description :

1. Quality Assurance Specialist will Participate in the monitoring and management of product production, and coordinate with relevant departments to complete the verification work;

2. Participate in the formulation and improvement of the document management system, formulate and revise relevant documents in accordance with the requirements of national regulations GMP, review and formulate and revise SOP;

3. Responsible for the production of company questionnaires, specification sheets and other statement documents required by customers;

4. Participate in the evaluation of product stability inspection and sample observation, and investigate and deal with unqualified products;

5. Participate in customer audit and handling of customer complaints, and participate in the training of GMP-related knowledge for company employees;

6. Participate in the formulation of internal audit plans, organize internal audits and form reports, and be responsible for the inspection and implementation of rectification progress;

7. Responsible for the regular update of the laws and regulations of the country where the product is sold;

8. Responsible for the implementation of GMP supervision and inspection of material warehouses and abnormal notification;

9. Responsible for the preparation of company certification, such as FSSC22000 certification, Kosher and Hallal certification


1. College degree or above, food, biology, pharmaceutical and other related majors are preferred;

2. More than one year of relevant work experience, familiar with relevant laws and regulations of quality management;

3. Good communication and expression skills, good English writing skills, skilled operation of office and other office software;

4. Quick thinking, correct attitude, careful, and continuous learning ability.

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