R & D Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

·  R & D Engineer is responsible for the research and development of functional food/beverage products, the implementation of specific product plans and product realization.

·  Be responsible for the optimization and design of products, and optimize the process flow and R&D experimental plan of existing products.

·  Control the process flow, lead the operation and control of new products on the production site; cooperate with the production department to solve related process problems in the production process.

·  According to market trends and customer needs, new projects are established and developed.

·  Responsible for pilot test and related formula, process adjustment test, scale-up of trial production and confirmation of industrial parameters.

·  Responsible for the collection of product-related literature and the compilation, arrangement and filing of technical documents related to R&D projects.

·  Management of the collection, collection, storage, and ledger records of laboratory raw and auxiliary materials.

·  Responsible for solving technical problems of customer products


·  Bachelor degree or above, major in food, bioengineering, pharmacy, etc.;

·  Have the ability to independently develop new products, optimize formulas, word processing ability, and be proficient in operating various office software;

·  Familiar with the knowledge of food/beverage products, understand the laws and regulations of the food industry;

·  Innovation ability, logical thinking ability, analysis and judgment ability;

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