Sales Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

·  Sales Specialist is responsible for channel development, track and confirm customer product needs, and complete sales goals

·  Responsible for customer development and order development, responsible for customer maintenance, project tracking, promotion and implementation, contract signing, goods acceptance, account collection and other links.

·  According to customer needs, coordinate the R&D department to complete the solution, coordinate order placement, documentary delivery, and after-sales service.

·  Responsible for developing and managing major customers in the industry, and forming an effective management mechanism

·  Participate in market research, understand market trends, and provide market information and suggestions for marketing decisions

·  Regularly submit sales analysis and summary reports, and complete other tasks assigned


·  College degree or above, familiar with the food or pharmaceutical industry is preferred, with strong communication and coordination skills

·  Have strong customer service awareness, market development ability and business negotiation ability

·  Responsible, strong execution, diligent and practical, with good team spirit

·  Adapt to frequent business trips

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