SusCarb™ HBCD

SusCarb™ HBCD – Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is one of the Plant-Based products from ZymeBase Inc., utilizing cutting-edge Green Biotechnology.

HBCD is a new type of maltodextrin produced from waxy corn starch by the cyclization reaction of a branching enzyme. HBCD has a high molecular weight and narrower molecular weight distribution than other maltodextrins.

SusCarb™ HBCD is highly beneficial for fitness and sports enthusiasts. It’s proposed to enhance endurance performance in elite athletes by maintaining relatively high blood glucose levels without the adverse effects of low-molecular-weight CHO.

SusCarb™ HBCD can be used as a:  Pre-workout, Intra-workout and Post-workout supplement.

SusCarb™ HBCD

The solubility of SusCarb™ HBCD is up to 97% and has a narrow size distribution of high molecular weight, indicating its high purity and solubility.

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Suscarb HBCD

Compared with carbohydrates (CHO) of the same concentration, SusCarb™ HBCD has lower osmotic pressure. As a sports drink ingredient, SusCarb™ HBCD could replenish more carbohydrates more comfortably. Its lower osmolality provides more opportunities to manipulate electrolytes or other solutes (flavouring components or other active ingredients) to supply more fluid and electrolytes.

Lower Osmolarity

SusCarb HBCD osmolarity
Osmotic pressure of different carbon sources

For Athletes

It may improve performance with less fatigue and endurance in a specific volume and time.

Versatile Ingredient

Variety of applications, such as food additives for sports beverages or taste improvement

Spray Drying Aid

A spray drying aid for extracts of fruits and vegetables, and the powderization of fish oil, are proposed uses of SusCarb™.

HBCD flatulence
Change in flatulence after drinking CHO-based sports drinks

Short Gastric Emptying Time

Significantly lower change in flatulence in the HBCD group was shown, which may mainly attribute to:

Suscarb Low Water Molecule Absorption

Low Water Molecule Absorption

SusCarb™ HBCD be stored at:

a woman holdind clear water

Transparent, Low Sweetness and Odorless

DE=0, with low sweetness and odorless.

SusCarb™ HBCD is a versatile Ingredient:

Summary of HBCD Human Trials

Summary of HBCD Human Trials
RPE: rating of perceived exertion