SupplySide West 2023 Highlights

SupplySide West - sports nutrition - suscarb dextrin
ZymeBase Inc.'s participation at the SupplySide West expo was absolutely phenomenal and highly fruitful!

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The highly successful SSW 2023 exhibition ended, leaving ZymeBase with yet another opportunity to showcase our exceptional products and solutions in two key areas: Functional Innovative Ingredients and Plant-Based. This exhibition served as a platform for us to demonstrate our cutting-edge research technology and innovative ingredients to international exhibitors and partners.

One of the exhibition's highlights was ZymeBase's flagship Sports Nutrition Innovative Ingredient - Sustained-Release Carbohydrate SusCarb® (high-branched cyclic dextrin). We took the opportunity to present this product's numerous advantages and unique characteristics from various perspectives.

To further engage the audience, we set up an on-site tasting area where attendees could sample a range of SusCarb®-based products, including energy jelly and gummies. The energy drinks and supplements garnered significant attention, providing attendees with a much-needed energy boost.

Our Core ingredient

New Products Zone feature:
SusCarb® Dextrin - Sports Nutrition Supplement

SWW Special Presentation

Dr. Yu's electrifying presentation about "Sustainable Carbohydrates for Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts"

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In addition to the Sports Nutrition Innovative Ingredient, we introduced our plant-based offering, Plantairy®, an enzymatically hydrolyzed cereal powder. This innovative product was showcased through cereal drinks such as Matcha Oat Shake Cup and Sugar-Free Jasmine Oat Milk. Introducing these exciting options attracted customers, fostering collaborative discussions and contributing to the emergence of a new force in sports nutrition.

Overall, the SSW 2023 exhibition served as a successful platform for us to demonstrate our prowess in the industry. The presentation of our star products and solutions solidified our position as a leader in Functional Innovative Ingredients and Plant-Based offerings.

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