Who We Are!

Utilizing our Proprietary Green Biotechnology, we provide premium plant-based solutions and innovative ingredients for functional & medical foods, sports nutrition, gut health etc..

Our premium ingredients, validated by rigorous science and clinical studies, reflect our commitment to excellence.

As a dedicated innovator & manufacturer, we meticulously oversee the entire supply chain, guaranteeing unparalleled proficiency and the finest ingredients for our partners.

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Develop and deliver high-quality plant-based ingredients that inspire healthier lifestyles, while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility


To be a global leader in providing sustainable and innovative plant-based ingredient solutions that promote health and well-being

Why ZymeBase ?

Proprietary technology

Proprietary Technology

We leverage proprietary technology to develop innovative plant-based ingredients that are truly unique in the market

Quality plant based Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

Our products meet highest standards of purity, taste, and nutrition through rigorous control and meticulous sourcing

cutting edge research

Cutting-Edge Research

By investing significantly in R&D, we actively drive innovation and stay ahead of market trends

dependable expertise

Dependable Expertise

Experienced professionals with deep plant-based ingredient expertise are our pride, ensuring top-notch solutions

Our Standards

Our Proprietary Ingredients

Innovative Efficacious Quality

Join the organic movement!

We don’t compromise on taste or texture, the same great  ingredients you know and love but simply better