Who Are We ?

ZymeBase Inc. leverages Proprietary Green Biotechnology to deliver healthy and wholesome products, professional field applications, and innovative solutions for the food, medicine, and biotechnology sectors.

'ZymeBase' is an acronym of 'enzyme' and 'based,'" highlighting our commitment to producing high-quality ingredients for enzymatic synthesis and extraction.

We take great pride in utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies in synthetic biology and precision fermentation to ensure our products are innovative and sustainable for food, pharmaceutical and green chemistry.

Our History

ZymeBase has developed novel and healthy plant-based products with superior applications in PBDA (Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives), PBF (Plant Based Foods) and dietary supplements , including those from various cereals and leguminosae species.

ZymeBase will continue to deliver new products to elevate human wellbeing, including nutrient and bioactive proteins made from microcell factories.

oat milk powder
Our raw materials are globally sourced
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Certified Products

We Deal With Various Quality Plant Based Products!