Zymebase Rice Protein

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

A Cutting-edge Plant Protein

Our newly developed hydrolyzed rice protein is non-genetically modified, free from major allergens, and odorless. In addition, it addresses the problems in the current plant protein market such as low protein content, poor stability, and inadequate dispersibility, making it a premium choice for vegetarians and lactose intolerant individuals.

Remarkable Dispersibility & Stability

Small particle size

Enhanced Taste

Reduced grittiness & bitterness

High Protein

Protein content ≥ 80%

Rice Milk (3.0% Protein)



Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

• High Protein Oat Milk
• High Protein Cocoa Milk


Meal Replacement

• Meal Replacement Smoothies
• Frozen Yogurt


Sports Nutrition

• Protein Bars
• Energy Bars


Powdered Drink

• Rice Protein Powder