iSEE Awards - zymebase inc

ISEE Innovation Award

ZymeBase's revolutionary "Sugar-Free Oat Milk" recognized by ISEE Innovation Technology.

ZymeBase Inc, a leading innovator in the food technology industry, recently received recognition for our “Sugar-Free Oat Milk Innovation Technology” by being listed in the iSEE Innovative Technology TOP50. Out of thousands of brands and over 3,000 entries, ZymeBase’s innovative technology stood out and was awarded the iSEE Global Food Innovation Award.

Our proprietary technology can produce sugar-free oat milk that adheres to the FDA’s sugar-free regulations and standards. This innovative approach caters to lactose-intolerant individuals, vegetarians, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking healthier food options. The sugar-free oat milk created through this technology is comparable to milk in terms of stability and retains nutrients and the robust flavor of oatmeal. Moreover, it improves sensory quality and prolongs product shelf life, helping the food industry realize “0 sugar” and “no additives” in the true sense.

ZymeBase’s commitment to sustainable development is evident through our innovative approach to creating green and healthy consumer products. The company’s success in gaining recognition from authoritative organizations and consumers in the industry is a testament to its dedication to advancing food technology for a better future. As we progress, ZymeBase will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in food technology while contributing to all humankind’s green and low-carbon life.