SusCarb® Sponsors a freediver in the world championships!

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We are honored to be part of Hong Cheng's journey and look forward to witnessing his remarkable achievements in the upcoming AIDA Freediving World Championships.

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Congratulations to Chinese freediver Hong Cheng for being selected for the 2023 AIDA Freediving (Pool) World Championships! In this exciting journey, Hong Cheng has teamed up with ZymeBase, a leading provider of high-quality sports nutrition ingredients, to receive unparalleled support through the use of SusCarb® Dextrin and its range of energy powders and gels.

SusCarb® Dextrin, developed by ZymeBase, is a proprietary highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD) that serves as an exceptional energy supplement for professional athletes. Derived from waxy corn starch through enzymatic cyclization [1], HBCD stands out from typical commercial dextrins [2] due to its unique molecular structure and product characteristics. This makes it the ideal companion for sports nutrition, finding versatile applications in sports drinks, energy gels, and energy powders.

As an innovative sports nutrition supplement, SusCarb® Dextrin has proven to be a valuable asset in various endurance sports, including triathlons, trail running, marathons, and more. Its sustained functionality and superior energy replenishment capabilities during intense competitions have made it an indispensable product for professional athletes seeking efficient preparation. We firmly believe that SusCarb® Dextrin will play a pivotal role in Hong Cheng’s quest for excellence and contribute to his outstanding performance in the AIDA Freediving World Championships.

At ZymeBase, we are committed to supporting athletes like Hong Cheng in their pursuit of greatness. Our dedication to providing cutting-edge sports nutrition ingredients ensures that professionals have access to the best resources available. We are honored to be part of Hong Cheng’s journey and look forward to witnessing his remarkable achievements in the upcoming AIDA Freediving World Championships.

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