Vitafoods Asia 2023: A Remarkable Experience

vitafoods asia 23 zbs sports nutrition
We were truly honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with global industry leaders, collectively exploring the evolving trends in the food sector and staying updated on the latest market insights.

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Vitafoods Asia 2023 was not just an exhibition but a journey that illuminated the present and pointed us toward a promising future in the health and wellness industry.

vitafoods asia zb sports nutriotion
Vitafoods Asia instant oat milk
cluster dextrin
vitafoods asia zbs sports nutriotion
vitafoods asia zbs sports nutriotion

Throughout this spectacular event, we showcased a diverse range of groundbreaking plant-based products and innovative solutions for raw materials and applications. Our offerings included sugar-free oat milk, delightful sugar-free jasmine oat milk, nutritious oat energy bars, and the cutting-edge SusCarb® energy gels, among others.

This showcase allowed us to engage in enriching face-to-face dialogues with industry experts and harness the power of technology to address our customers’ needs and challenges effectively. We embarked on inspiring discussions about future collaborations in this dynamic landscape, reaffirming our commitment to innovation.

Additionally, we expanded our footprint in the Southeast Asian region and neighboring markets, bolstering our global reputation and enhancing the recognition of our products on the international stage.

Vitafoods Asia 2023 was an incredible platform where we didn’t just witness industry progress; we actively contributed to it. We can’t wait to see where this journey leads us next!

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