SusCarb® Dextrin (HBCD): Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

Sports Nutrition Food Technology highlights
2023 SNFI Highlights of Sustainable Carbohydrates in Sports Nutrition and Food Technology.

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The 2023 SNFI Sports Nutrition Food Technology and Application Innovation Conference, organized by the China Food Miles Journey, recently took place in Shanghai. The primary objective of this illustrious event was to promote the field of sports nutrition and food. ZymeBase Inc. was honored to be a distinguished participant in this remarkable event

Dr. Yu, the CTO of ZymeBase, delivered an innovative presentation centered around the theme of high-quality sustained-release carbohydrates tailored for sports and fitness enthusiasts. He showcased the product advantages, the latest experimental data, and innovative application solutions of our in-house-developed product, SusCarb® Dextrin (HBCD).

With a focus on both sports and the general fitness population, ZymeBase is determined to usher in a new era of sports energy revolution.

To further support this mission, we provided on-site audience members with energy replenishment packs containing SusCarb® Dextrin (HBCD). Among these, the energy jelly stood out and garnered significant popularity, receiving unanimous praise from the attending customers.

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